About us

This blog displays the results created by designteam Falling in love with media. This designteam has been created to participate in course IO3010, Cross Media Interaction at the faculty Industrial Design of Delft University of Technology. Falling in love with media consists of four Industrial Designers, being:

Thian Lim
Floris van der Marel
Rashna Mourillon
Willem Span
The course is based on a design assignment. The assignment is split up in two parts: an analysis part and a design and evaluation part. However, the two parts are disconnected from each other in that the design and evaluation part does not necessarily build on the information that the students themselves have gathered during the analysis part; there will be a fresh start of the design and evaluation part, based on information provided by the staff. This is to avoid that a failed analysis part automatically results in a failed design and evaluation part.

The following issues will be dealt with during the course:

  • Designing for usability, user experience and co-experiences
  • Setting up and conducting usability, user experience and co-experience evaluations involving users
  • Cross-media (visual) information issues: graphics, colour, composition
  • Issues of interactions between users, their (physical and social) environment and network applications/services
  • Corporate identity issues in relation to cross-media presentation of information.
  • Authoring (e.g., HTML, XML, PHP, CSS, cross-media compatibility)
  • Software tools (e.g., Dreamweaver, Flash, JavaScript)

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