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Project Evaluation by Willem

Briefing, Media Strategy and Conceptual Design
When I think back of what we did during the briefing the best thing about it was the formulation what cross media really is. At first I had no idea, but what we formulated back then was usefull during the whole project. It was indirectly used a an evaluation definition for the conceptual design and because of the the definition we added the part to the project that made it more ‘transmedia’ what we called the pure form of crossmedia: the part of the project where users themselves can decide where the rabbits should be placed. The briefing was a useful tool to confine our design borders so that we could formulate a direction of our conceptual design. The persona’s could be used better though, or I just missed the part where we really focused on our target group. On the conceptual design I haven’t got much to remark on, only that we could have investigated more what the types of media really are. What is a poster, What is a flyer, how does it function, what are its ways to people etc. The concept itself: maybe I’m not a mayor fan about it, I’m still happy with the result.

Detailed design & Design evaluation
the task flows and analysis were performed in the right way to my opinion. The task flows were  a good tool to get an idea about the complexity of all the different steps in the media usage and the links between them. Although it was complex to translate them all to wire frames and design points, I think we did a good job. It is a good thing understand the difficulty of this. The website made it really complex. The key is a good overview, although it’s hard to keep it at all times. Some flaws were already found in our end design according to our design evaluation and  survey, and this proves my point. It shows that every design should be evaluated, nobody can do it right at once.  But it should be noted that Thian made beautiful visualisations. The survey itself was fun to do and gave some unexpected outcomes, but next time I think it should be more structured and more thought of. Now it is more the tip of the iceberg that it should be, still the outcomes were useful. The questions were open and that gave an extra difficulty to the survey. An observer was a good idea.
The movie storyboard was really fun to do. I discussed every step of the way with my fellow group member Floris. We started with one storyboard which was evaluated at least 4 times, every time changing big or small time. I think it is really thought through and I’m happy about it. The same counts for the presentation movie, although I only wrote the spoken text and found the background music.

All in all, I’m happy about how the project went!

About us

This blog displays the results created by designteam Falling in love with media. This designteam has been created to participate in course IO3010, Cross Media Interaction at the faculty Industrial Design of Delft University of Technology. Falling in love with media consists of four Industrial Designers, being:

Thian Lim
Floris van der Marel
Rashna Mourillon
Willem Span
The course is based on a design assignment. The assignment is split up in two parts: an analysis part and a design and evaluation part. However, the two parts are disconnected from each other in that the design and evaluation part does not necessarily build on the information that the students themselves have gathered during the analysis part; there will be a fresh start of the design and evaluation part, based on information provided by the staff. This is to avoid that a failed analysis part automatically results in a failed design and evaluation part.

The following issues will be dealt with during the course:

  • Designing for usability, user experience and co-experiences
  • Setting up and conducting usability, user experience and co-experience evaluations involving users
  • Cross-media (visual) information issues: graphics, colour, composition
  • Issues of interactions between users, their (physical and social) environment and network applications/services
  • Corporate identity issues in relation to cross-media presentation of information.
  • Authoring (e.g., HTML, XML, PHP, CSS, cross-media compatibility)
  • Software tools (e.g., Dreamweaver, Flash, JavaScript)

Photo pole visualization

Here is an example of a photo pole situated on the railway platform. The photo pole is there to indicate there was a bunny in the neighbourhood. A picture from the website will be placed on the pole with a funny or interesting quote from the discussion on that particular bunny.

When you look through the hole, you are looking at the area where the bunny was placed.

Another example of a photo pole on top of the Irenetunnel.

iPhone app visualization

For the lucky iPhone users, we have an iPhone application which allows you to perform the most important functions from the site. You can log-in, view photo’s, view the message threads, upload pictures and place comments. The visual style is more or less the same as the website mixed with some standard iPhone styling.

Website visualization

Here is an overview of our website. As you might have noticed, we made some minor changes from the wireframe overview. The biggest change is the navigation bar at the top which has moved to the navigation area on the left.



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