Media scenario

Participants can walk through the media in several ways. The scenario’s show some options. The intentional way is as described here. 


  1. Participant sees poster with rabbit and site url
  2. Participant sees flyer with rabbit and site url
  3. Participant sees bus with rabbit and site url
  4. Participant wonders and visits the website
  5. Participant sees website and reads brief explanation 


  1. Participant sees Rabbit No. 1
  2. Participant takes photo of rabbit and fellow commuter
  3. Participant visits the website
  4. Participant uploads the photo
  5. Participant takes a look at the other photos
  6. Participant discovers there also is a Rabbit No. 2
  7. Participant gives a positive comment
  8. Participant philosophizes on what the change might be
  9. Participant sees Rabbit No. 1 is gone
  10. Participant sees photo pole
  11. Participant sees his own photo on the pole
  12. Participant enjoys arriving at or departing from Delft Central Station while feeling comforted and guided          

The steps above are visualized in the timeline below (click for full size).    


We also created persona’s and written scenario’s of how those people would go through our project. These scenario’s can be read here:   

Persona 1 – Single working mother
Persona 2 – Hans the student
Persona 3 – Grandpa George
Persona 4 – Yoga master

Visual style


Here are our first visual styling elements. It all started with the logo and a mysterious looking poster. From here on out we will design the rest of the visual styling of for example the website.

Technical issues

There are not many technical parts in our concept. The only technical parts which require some thought are the iPhone application and the (mobile) website.

iPhone application – Apple offers all of the iPhone apps in the Apple app store. So when the application is created, it will be available from the store. On the website will be a link to the store, which you can also visit from the iPhone itself.

Website – The website must be viewable on both desktop computers and on mobile devices like smartphones and iPhones. This probably means there will be a mobile website as well as a ‘normal’ website. The mobile website will be designed for smaller screens and lower bandwidth, but offering most of the functionality the ‘normal’ website offers.

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